Sintra Portugal Tourism
Portugal became a magnet for foreign tourists and Sintra, which inspired generations of poets does not flinch. Visits to its palaces such as: Palaico da Pena, Quinta da Regaleira, Moorish Castle , Sintra Historic Center or Just a Tuk Tuk ride in Sintra, grow every year and the number of those who eats only on a tour also. Traffic resents, but there are solutions. Basílio Horta wants to get the cars out of Vila Velha

It's three o'clock in the afternoon and the day is darkening, gray. Up there, the castle wall became a vague silhouette, covered by a restless fog, the magic touch of this place, which inspired generations of poets. From time to time, the sky melts in a cold drizzle - we are in Sintra - but nothing will stop the tourists, who are always coming.

At this hour, Vila Velha is an anthill of people, cars and tuk-tuks, buses, jeeps, horns and voices in many different languages. One hears French and English, Spanish and Russian, one hears the Portuguese sung of Brazil, and also other mysterious songs.
Investment Plans
In 2017, "year ends with around 30 million annual revenue, and we invested more than 10 million," he says, highlighting "the ambitious program" already outlined for the next three years. "We will invest more than 52 million euros by 2020, relying exclusively on our revenues."

By 2018, the total investment estimate is 20 million euros, of which 2.4 million go to the Pena Palace - another 2.3 million next year, and another 600 thousand in 2020 - for several works: "recovery of the rooms, sanitation, electrical installations, repairs to the ceiling, a little of everything ", underlines Manuel Baptista. But already this year, the Sintra Parks will also manage two other sites, where it plans to make deep interventions until 2020: the area adjacent to the Cabo da Roca lighthouse and the Peninha hermitage.